Back Again

18 Jun

I know… It’s been a while… But I haven’t left!!!! Marilia is still here but very very busy!!!! All these exams and preparations for my erasmus exchange have kept my blogging back but, now that my exams will finally end and everything is set, I’ll have more time for blogging!!!!!! Thus, I’ll keep my promise for posting new stuff every Tuesday! Believe me, I have a bunch of new things to share with you! 😉

For the time, I have this poem I came up  while reading Literary Theory and Criticism! I know, it happens almost every time for me to get inspired during exam periods! But that’s how things are! 
Enjoy 🙂



The Snake Pit

The city’s dark,

plumed with the fear of people

who inhabit it,
The air is dry and suffocating,

the smell is rotten and humid,
Everything is silent,

only red greasy creatures are moving

between the leaves,
I wonder why I ended up there, in a nowhere where no-one’s here

to verify my own existence,
I wonder, from the cold glassy waiting room that has now become my prison,

why I let them take me here?,
Ghost-like figures are passing before me, their eyes are hollow,

their mouths are black,
They’re trying to speak with seamed lips, but I can’t understand,

or I don’t want to yet,
Wild eyes are slowly making my heart quiver,

eyes once filled with essence,
And when the man in white comes to my side,

whispering me things once lost in my oblivion-I scream,
But he won’t leave my side, he’ll always be there,

my memory, my guilt, my shadow, my enemy, my ally and my broken hopes

of a world I once wanted to seduce,
I’m still here, tied on a bed of silk and thorns,

and the only thing I’ve left is my deviant fantasies and the fiend that lurks in the shadows…

Picture by ~Il0v3pAiN

It’s Comicdom Time!

30 Apr

Hello there!

During the 19-20th of April, I had the chance to attend Comicdom Con Athens 2013!!! 

Well, Comicdom Con Athens is an annual three-day comics festival, organized by the non-profit organization Comicdom Press and the Hellenic-American Union. In this event,  the audience is introduced to one of the most interesting Art Forms: famous guests, original art exhibitions, sketch events, panels, documentaries, movies, workshops on comics and related arts, panels, publisher spotlights, retailer booths and comics industry awards.

This year, I had the chance to see Matteo Scalera (the penciler for Secret Avengers, Deadpool etc), as well as John Wagner (Judge Dredd). The two of them participated in the panel: “Inspiration Vs Deadlines” which was very interesting and people had also had the opportunity to attend special workshops with them. In addition, I was so lucky that I actually talked to Matteo Scalera and had him autograph my Comicdom Con Program (on which a sketch of his was being featured). Not only this, but he was giving away sketches which he was drawing at that exact moment, so I instantly asked him if he could make me a sketch of Iron Man!

The result was this:431820_4311392396654_1956663456_nI’m very grateful to Matteo for this one because I was last in the row and he had been sketching for over 2 hours! This guy is totally amazing!

Also, during Comicdom Con, there was a bazaar where you could find old and new comics and manga  at exceptional prices! I spent almost 3 hours searching for manga and old comics that are now considered collectibles and I still hadn’t decided on what to pick! It felt like paradise because I’m a huge fan of manga and comics. Everywhere I looked, I could see comic figures that stood there waiting for everyone to take their gazes away in order to become alive.


And of course, I met some very interesting and “weird” people there as well.

From the Walking dead team:399717_4311394156698_1552479348_n 

whose make up looked so realistic and scary at the same time. 

To the well-designed costumes of the Kingdom Hearts guys:430190_4311394356703_558371751_n Say hi to Sora and Riku there! Those guys had to make their costumes by themselves in order to participate in the Cosplay that took place on Saturday afternoon. You can see all the hard work they did there! These keyblades were absolutely amazing.

After these three full of comics and manga  days, I felt like I didn’t have enough of it!  I believe the same applies for the rest comic fans as well.  Overall, these events seem a nice way to find and see various stuff and of course meet people who can actually inspire you! This meeting with Matteo Scalera actually inspired me to test my skills in sketching Marvel heroes! (You can see the outcome of it in my previous post) I gained a lot of experience by going there, and I actually learnt some things from all the people who were invited. I highly recommend that you should attend such events, if you have both the interest and time! It’s always a good thing to see people talking about their passion and their experiences with you; it just makes you want to try to improve yourself in everyway possible!

I’m already waiting for the next Comicdom Con!

The Mecha Chronicles: An extract from Ch XXIII “The Stairs”

21 Apr

This is a scene from The Mecha Chronicles: The Nobodies, which I inspired while reading “The Little Prince” (that’s why there’s a reference on the start of the paragraph!)




“…To forget a friend is sad. Not everyone has had a friend. And if I forget him, I may become like the grown-ups who are no longer interested in anything but figures…” a sweet childish voice echoed inside Ky’s void mind. He remembered these words. They were from some book, he was sure, but he couldn’t recall it at the moment.

Ky couldn’t even remember where he was or how he had ended up there. But for some strange reason he could feel himself floating inside something it made him feel nothing but relaxed. Out of nowhere, small bubbles started tickling his face and that was enough to make him try to open his eyes although he didn’t want. The weird voice was still echoing inside his mind but when he finally opened his long eye-laces, he saw bubbles floating around him before moving up.

That made him wonder about two single things; first, why he was inside a tube filled with a weird liquid and second, how could he breathe in there?

Where am I? his thought echoed inside the huge glassy tube. Coiled like a fetus, he was trying to see through the transparent liquid and the bubbles but there was nothing there except darkness. Slowly he tried to stretch himself and after a while he was floating straightly inside the tube, something it made him feel like an oversized fetus.

How did I end up here? He wondered and then took a look at his hands. Small purple lines had marked them but they seemed to be gradually fading away. He was able to recall enough and that made him think of himself disgusted.

That thing… was me, he thought of the sharp crystal thorns again and tightened his fists. At once, obnoxious thoughts started torrenting his mind along with the girlish voice again, reading parts of the book. His mind started hurting him badly and he felt like that power would appear again and turn everything into dust and ashes. He tried to calm but pointlessly; every minute in there was acute. Gleams of the dark aura started surrounding him for once more before the spiky crystals make their appearance again and started lancing the glass tube.

The glass shattered into a million pieces and the liquid inside poured all out at once. Ky’s body was weirdly levitating on the same position he was and after a second he landed on the shattered glasses erectly.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked at what he had done and searched around him in angst. He had dragged them somewhere he didn’t even know where that was. What if he couldn’t leave this place?

Wait a minute, he instantly realized, I dragged her down here with me, didn’t I? But where is she? What if—? He continued the nasty thought and shook his head. What if, I killed her? The thought became insanely harsh for him as he started running disorientedly through darkness. I want to leave. I want to—

Suddenly Ky stopped. A pale red light was shining in the darkness without a source and that made his anxiety bigger. With baby steps he entered under the beam of light only to notice the floor was filled with red water but that didn’t really concern him.

“You came.” A voice broke the silence at once and Ky looked at the distance. His stomach was instantly numbed and he wanted to vomit from the horrid sight.

Upon a black velvet chair, Kannon’s body was lying still, pierced by black and turquoise crystals that went out of her neck, arms, legs and even her head. Streams of crimson blood were flowing on her naked body and ended up dripping in a pool of blood on the floor. Ky was feeling horrible because now he could see where he was standing.

“Ka—nnon?” he dared to speak and took a look at the pierced body again only to find himself vomiting in front of her.

“You came.” Her colorless voice quivered, “You came to be with me.” She continued looking at him with streams of blood running down her head. Ky felt his legs trembling and wiped his mouth clean with his hand at once daring to take another look at the horrendous body. New crystals sprang out at once from her arms, tearing her flesh apart. Her hair was all crimson and her eyes were more whitish than grey. “You did this.”

“I—didn’t.” he cried out. “I didn’t want to harm you!” he continued again feeling tears welling on his eyes. “I wanted to hel—p—”

“Help  me? You?” her head was viciously moved to face him allowing more blood to fall on the chair and finally to the floor. “You. You came to kill me. You didn’t help me. You-You-You.”

Ky tightened his fists and felt a sharp pain on his heart like being stabbed. He couldn’t help them. All the people around him would sooner or later end up dead by his hands.

“Forgive me. Forgive me. I didn’t want to.” He murmured looking at her. “What can I do? Tell me.”

Kannon’s distorted bloody face acquired a sly Cheshire smile it was too freakish to be real and then looked at him vividly with no sign of pupils. “Die with me.” She said and spread her bloody full of crystals hands towards him. “Yield to your fate.”

My fate? His mind was caught up by the word. Slowly he looked at her again and pictured her the way she actually was. If that was the end, he wouldn’t like to remember her like a horrendous figure but as a mysterious and beautiful girl who gave his monotonous life a deadly thrill.

Willingly, he walked on the pool of blood to embrace the crystal hands and thus, embrace his fate. For a single moment, he thought that this would be for the best. This weird thought was lingering around him for a few days now.

“Seriously?” a loud determined voice made the distorted Kannon shake her head almost violently. But that didn’t stop Ky. He thought he was imagining things. Kannon was right in front of him, harmed by the power he possessed. The voice behind him continued murmuring something and finally he stopped a few inches from the bloody hands with his eyes wide opened.

“Don’t stop.” The bloody figure said again while Ky was realizing what he was actually facing. The odor of rust and blood reeked into his nostrils and made him dizzy.

“Fool.” The voice behind him said and its lips formed a grin. Within a few seconds the malformed Kannon tried to catch Ky and end his anxiety but she didn’t manage to. A loud shrieking voice came out of her that made Ky tremble. The only thing he saw blocking his way was pinkish lochs floating in front of him and something collapsing on the pool of blood.
“I should’ve let it kill you.” The voice said again and then stabbed the misshapen figure with a big piece of glass right in the uncovered spot of its heart.

Amounts of blood started filling the chair and after a while the handless figure of Kannon broke into a million pieces like she was made of glass. Ky was shocked to the core. In what kind of reality was this plausible?

Trying to define what was real and what wasn’t, Ky placed his hand on the pink haired figure’s shoulder. At least it felt warm and fleshy. Suddenly darkness was lost and with it, the pool of blood drained. Everything shifted again and Ky could no longer feel that cold feeling anymore, something else had replaced it.

He was reluctant to open his eyes again because of what he would now face. A sweet smell flooded his nose and he could only think he was dead and had gone to heaven. Languidly, he opened them and that filled him with wonder. The darkness and blood were lost, giving their place to tall blooming cherry blossom trees.

Am I dead? He wondered and looked quickly around him for the pink haired girl.

You wish you were, a sudden strict voice echoed in his mind. Ky turned only to face her again but not covered in blood and crystals. It was her.

Why? He wondered again looking at her serious grey eyes.

If Noah believes in you, then I have to do so, he heard again.

I wouldn’t bet much on me.

Although that seemed weird, Kannon made a step forward and extended the sharp piece of glass right to his collar bone. Even her cruelty made her look delicate. So, are you prepared to die? Instead of taking responsibility? Her voice resonated again and Ky couldn’t define why he felt like this under her words. She had something, and that something was drilling him to know more about her. It wasn’t like the rest of the girls; with her, he didn’t lose his words.

Thus, he didn’t answer her trying to keep his thoughts hidden. Huh…At least, do you know where you dropped us into?

I wish I knew.

Fine, she said and moved the piece away from his exposed neck,  it seems I must find an exit on my own. Kannon gave him a final look and noticed his eyes. Unexpectedly they seemed normal again and that gave her a confused expression Ky had to ask what was wrong again. Hmpf, she signed crossing her arms and looking at the sunless yet azure sky. She also felt there was something more but she couldn’t understand it. Why did he have to be on her way? Why did she devolve him the Cube and left? These questions haunted her and the more she was thinking about it, the more her heart beat raced making her to question if she was alright.

I’m—sorry, Ky’s voice was heard in her ears and placed his hands in his pockets. I— I was just w—

Not everything’s about your doings, she gave him an almost poisonous look, my business isn’t to hear your pathetic apologies.

Right, he gloomily answered listening to the sound that the leaves made while playing with the air. Above them, a few blossoms were floating in the air worriless. That would be the most torturing thing of them all; from extremely violence and darkness, to perfect tranquility.

This parallel world was a corruption, a nightmare, a torrent of torments. They had to get back. Minutes were crucially elapsing. What could be happening to the others?



Picture by Gadriann on


21 Apr


 My Erasmus procedures have kept me behind, I know! But I finally found some time to make some sketches in order to show you that I’m still here!!! From now on, I’ll be posting every Tuesday and the weekends! I have a lot of updates to share with you so keep waiting!!!!

Well, Iron Man 3 is coming out on the 25th of April!!!! This thing inspired me as well, but the most exciting event of the week is my meeting with Matteo Scalera, the pencil for the Secret Avengers during Comicdom Con Athens 2013! I’ll let you know more about it on Tuesday!

Enjoy 🙂


Natassa Romanoff aka “Black Widow”

DSC03667 DSC03675And a 5 minute sketch of Captain America!

March Adventures! (Back to Action)

2 Apr

 It’s been a while since my last post due to my busy schedule! But now, I’m back again with fresh ideas to share with you!
Let me first make a synopsis of what I did during March:

No1: From Xanthi with love


  During the 15-18th of March I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Xanthi. The city is located in Thrace, northeastern Greece and it’s a worthy opponent against the city of Patras concerning Carnival days. So, as you can imagine I went up there to attend the 2013 Xanthi Carnival and I have to say that the city was overwhelming by the amount of people who were there.
 Little children, teenagers, adults and elderly were all enjoying the music which didn’t stop flooding every cobbled street of the Old City centre until the 18th. The most famous attraction was the Parade were thousands of people took part in dressed in colorful, funny, weird and even scary costumes. I had the chance to participate in the Parade, too! Well, our theme was Toy Story and we had to choose from Jessie the Cowgirl, Buzz Lightyear and, last but not least, Mr. Potato Head! Of course, you can imagine which of the three I chose! 😛 Mr. Potato Head’s costume was absolutely hilarious!!! I’m not going to upload a picture of me dressed like a gigantic potato with a moustache because (let me borrow the famous quote) what happens in Xanthi, stays in Xanthi!

Overall, it was a great experience, although it took us 5 hours in order to get to Xanthi via train from Thessaloniki. We danced, had fun, ate well, met new people and left the City of Colors behind us only with the promise to come back some other time.


This is a small taste of what happened on Sunday 17th of March!

No2: The Lady of the North

 The Lady of the North can be no-one else than Thessaloniki. I bet that a lot of you have heard of it due to the fact that it’s considered to be the most famous city of Greece after Athens. I visited Thessaloniki 3 times during March and if I could, I would travel up there more because Thessaloniki is a city you will fall for right after you arrive. 


 From the friendly people, the White Tower and the hidden places around the city to the picturesque wine shops near Rotunda (a cylindrical church build in 306 AD near the famous meeting spot Kamara in the city centre), Thessaloniki has something for everyone. Just walking down Aristotelous and Naurinou (two of the most popular pedetrian precints with shops and cafeterias) with my friends, makes me feel like I’m transferred into a whole new city.


The old imposing buildings located on both sides of Aristotelous create a feeling of awe to one’s soul especially if you’re walking there during sunset. Another major thing I adore, is the Old Town or Ano Poli as it is called in Greek. Ano Poli ( literally the Upper Town) is a district north of Thessaloniki’s city center that was not engulfed by the fire of 1917 and was declared by UNESCO a heritage sight. It’s one of Thessaloniki’s most traditional part of the city, still featuring stone paved streets, old squares and traditional Greek and Ottoman houses. Just a walk up there is something memorable enough.

View of Ano Poli559507_2746508515535_736206446_n

The city is also well-known for the famous Trigona Panoramatos, triangle shaped phyllo pastries stuffed with custard cream, among all the other delicious things. Maybe that’s a reason that I visit Thessaloniki so ofter 😀  but trust me, once you try one you’ll be asking for more. As I came to the conclusion, Thessaloniki is the city of senses. Basically the city of taste and smell. Wherever you might find yourself, you’ll come across delicious smells that will tinkle your nose and tempt you to try pretty much everything. For me, this city is also a source of inspiration and whenever I’m out of ideas, I just go through all the photos I’ve taken so far.

And No3: Inspiration Recharged!

Well, I was sort of running out of inspiration lately but all these ‘adventrues’ March provided me with gave me a great boost. 🙂 For the time I’m occupying with my book’s availiability issue and I just started proofreading the second one again. I’m so thankful for your patience and support and I’m doing my best for everything to be ready soon!

Remember Straw Hat?

20 Mar

Long time no see…! But there is a good reason for this one! For the past few days I was at one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, Xanthi!   I’m currently preparing an article about the Carnival that took place there during 16-17 March. But, for the time, I’ll let you enjoy these manga sketches from One Piece (I bet the majority remembers Monkey D. Luffy 😀 )DSC03408 DSC03415

Tango Rojo

10 Mar

…tan cerca pero tan lejos…


Acrylic in Canvas! Everything was in a mess after I finished but it was totally worth it.