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Back Again

18 Jun

I know… It’s been a while… But I haven’t left!!!! Marilia is still here but very very busy!!!! All these exams and preparations for my erasmus exchange have kept my blogging back but, now that my exams will finally end and everything is set, I’ll have more time for blogging!!!!!! Thus, I’ll keep my promise for posting new stuff every Tuesday! Believe me, I have a bunch of new things to share with you! 😉

For the time, I have this poem I came up  while reading Literary Theory and Criticism! I know, it happens almost every time for me to get inspired during exam periods! But that’s how things are! 
Enjoy 🙂



The Snake Pit

The city’s dark,

plumed with the fear of people

who inhabit it,
The air is dry and suffocating,

the smell is rotten and humid,
Everything is silent,

only red greasy creatures are moving

between the leaves,
I wonder why I ended up there, in a nowhere where no-one’s here

to verify my own existence,
I wonder, from the cold glassy waiting room that has now become my prison,

why I let them take me here?,
Ghost-like figures are passing before me, their eyes are hollow,

their mouths are black,
They’re trying to speak with seamed lips, but I can’t understand,

or I don’t want to yet,
Wild eyes are slowly making my heart quiver,

eyes once filled with essence,
And when the man in white comes to my side,

whispering me things once lost in my oblivion-I scream,
But he won’t leave my side, he’ll always be there,

my memory, my guilt, my shadow, my enemy, my ally and my broken hopes

of a world I once wanted to seduce,
I’m still here, tied on a bed of silk and thorns,

and the only thing I’ve left is my deviant fantasies and the fiend that lurks in the shadows…

Picture by ~Il0v3pAiN