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Mission: Soonly Availiable

27 Feb

I just returned from Thessaloniki today and, although I should have posted this since Saturay, I didn’t have the time 😀

These are the first copies of Black Rose 🙂 I piled them up as soon as I got them. Now the only thing I have to do is to see how I can make them availiable through Amazon!

It will take some time but I’ll try to complete this task the soonest possible! Thank you for supporting me,  fellow bloggers, friends and random people who found themselves in my blog by chance!

I have already given out the first 4 copies to some friends of mine and I hope that people out of my circle will be interested too.


Next to them there is a painting of the Little Prince I did a long time ago.  It’s a perfect match with the books! Everything is all black and purple! 🙂

Some more sketches

9 Feb

Picture0056 Since I bought a new black pencil I had to test it right away! So, I came up with these sketches.

It feels like she’s staring at you… 🙂


Black Rose: Revelation

8 Feb

On Monday, ‎6th July ‎2009, a dream started… 

I can remember myself as an ambitious girl, who wanted to write only to find herself lost between her own imaginary worlds. I never ever imagined that after 4 years, this little girl would have the opportunity to see an idea turning into a concrete thing I can share with the world.

When I took the first copy in my hands, I said to myself: “so this is how it feels when you give birth to something!” 😀

I know there are a lot of young writers out there with their own original ideas and creativity. My advice towards you is to never give up your effort even if it’ll take years to see a result. I’ve just started my path and I know that there are so many things to do and see. I’ll seize every single opportunity I’ll find in my way and so every single one of you should do!

 So… Are you ready to join me in a world of dreams, parallel lives and desires that can corrupt souls?

Χωρίς τίτλο

Genre: Young adult, Paranormal Romance, Light Psychological Thriller, Drama 

An exploration on how being lonely and alone can blacken the soul and prevent the eyes from seeing what is important in life.


Sometimes it seemed that these thoughts of mine couldn’t be either neglected or bridled.

Maybe love meant to hurt and to be loved meant to be hurt…

Chloe Carlson has given up on everything since her parents’ death. For her, friendship is certain betrayal; love is a disease and sentiment is for the weak. 

But when a series of unsolved murders spread over England, weird dreams start caging her into a world of paranoia.

Until Alexander Hastings comes to town. His familiar eyes mean only trouble and Chloe will find herself chased by ghosts of his past.

And all these due to the amethyst-eyed boy who has his own innermost desires and dark secrets.

In a world of hatred and shadows; a world of split personalities and obsessions that corrupt souls, subconscious takes over and desire sprouts with its black blossoms bringing collision.


The story of a girl who struggles to surpass her loss.

The story of a boy who tries to leave his past behind.

The story of two souls that were murdered during the 19th century, only to find themselves reborn into present and fulfill their desire…

 Past and present will blend together and reveal a truth that threatens to destroy everything so far.

Two different Ages…
Two different persons…


Synopsis on Black Rose

7 Feb

Hallo World!!!!

It’s a beautiful day today!

Here is a first look at the synopsis as it will appear on the back cover of the book!

Just a few days left and I’ll finally upload the whole thing. Hang in there just a little bit!

As we say here, all good things come to those who wait!

Χωρίς τίτλο

It’s Cover Day!

4 Feb

Well, I just got the 4 cover proposals from my graphic designer!

All 4 were very beautiful but only one attracted my attention the most! 😀

Here is one of the covers I was sent, which obviously isn’t going to be the one! 😛

But, I’ll let you have an idea of what the final result will be. There are a few corrections left and then I’ll post the

real thing.

Hope you like it!

Χωρίς τίτλο


30 Jan

As I wrote in another post, I visited Venice in July 2012!

But, before making this trip I had already written a particular scene taking place in the city of canals…

My first impression when I stepped out of the train station was something like: I’m in a whole new world! All the things I had in mind started unfolding before me when I made my first steps into this old yet magnificent city.

After walking around,  I knew what I had to do when I would go back to Greece.

Everything I had written so far about Venice was just inspired by images I had googled; but now I had the chance to walk at the same streets my characters were supposed to do.  Being able to see what my fictional ‘children’  saw filled me up with emotions I’ll never forget.

After all, it’s Venice…

Here are some extracts from my sequel to Black Rose, Blackbird (for those who are new to my blog, see my first posts about Black Rose! :))

-Gondoliers sang this one on their gondolas: Guarda quel merlo su quella pianta, come ben canta, o che passion. O come bali bene bela bimba…” that was the first thing I heard coming outside the window when I first opened my eyes the following morning.

-From my little exploration around the city, I noticed that particular shop that attracted my attention: After a few more minutes, I’d already finished with my breakfast and left the hotel in order to find myself in the narrow cobbled streets of Venice. Small bridges were sighted on almost every canal, either wooden or made of marble and stone. I looked at numerous branded shops around the city and finally found a kind of weird shop in which I decided to step inside. It had all kinds of stuff. From weird necklaces to statues representing different fairies, Venetian masks with colorful feathers, different hats and a lot more.

-Even postcards representing festivals: Various people dressed like gondoliers, mimes, fishermen and others with masks appeared after a few minutes. The most amazing were the Venetian women in their traditional uniforms. Masks with black and green feathers, delicate dresses and more ornaments like these. Everyone seemed so cheerful although it was colder than hours ago. Some clouds had even darkened the sky. 

-Even rain couldn’t spoil Venice:  The smell of dirt reeked in my nose as I was listening to the drops collapsing on the canals violently. For a moment I forgot about getting back and being cautious and moved out of the passage. Nobody was near me and the next passage was a few meters away. I suspect there must be a bridge there for sure. So, I ran spontaneously to the other dark passage getting wet from the downpour and feeling the cold air infiltrating my clothes. That was refreshing for sure.


Westerham, Kent

27 Jan






Some photographs I found from Westerham, Kent by *Szazomy (

The major setting in Black Rose is this small rural town.

Oh well, I wish I could be there…

desolation_by_szazo-d512zjl something_inspired_by_szazomy-d5actx3 lord_of_the_flies_by_szazo-d4vgsrt