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It’s Comicdom Time!

30 Apr

Hello there!

During the 19-20th of April, I had the chance to attend Comicdom Con Athens 2013!!! 

Well, Comicdom Con Athens is an annual three-day comics festival, organized by the non-profit organization Comicdom Press and the Hellenic-American Union. In this event,  the audience is introduced to one of the most interesting Art Forms: famous guests, original art exhibitions, sketch events, panels, documentaries, movies, workshops on comics and related arts, panels, publisher spotlights, retailer booths and comics industry awards.

This year, I had the chance to see Matteo Scalera (the penciler for Secret Avengers, Deadpool etc), as well as John Wagner (Judge Dredd). The two of them participated in the panel: “Inspiration Vs Deadlines” which was very interesting and people had also had the opportunity to attend special workshops with them. In addition, I was so lucky that I actually talked to Matteo Scalera and had him autograph my Comicdom Con Program (on which a sketch of his was being featured). Not only this, but he was giving away sketches which he was drawing at that exact moment, so I instantly asked him if he could make me a sketch of Iron Man!

The result was this:431820_4311392396654_1956663456_nI’m very grateful to Matteo for this one because I was last in the row and he had been sketching for over 2 hours! This guy is totally amazing!

Also, during Comicdom Con, there was a bazaar where you could find old and new comics and manga  at exceptional prices! I spent almost 3 hours searching for manga and old comics that are now considered collectibles and I still hadn’t decided on what to pick! It felt like paradise because I’m a huge fan of manga and comics. Everywhere I looked, I could see comic figures that stood there waiting for everyone to take their gazes away in order to become alive.


And of course, I met some very interesting and “weird” people there as well.

From the Walking dead team:399717_4311394156698_1552479348_n 

whose make up looked so realistic and scary at the same time. 

To the well-designed costumes of the Kingdom Hearts guys:430190_4311394356703_558371751_n Say hi to Sora and Riku there! Those guys had to make their costumes by themselves in order to participate in the Cosplay that took place on Saturday afternoon. You can see all the hard work they did there! These keyblades were absolutely amazing.

After these three full of comics and manga  days, I felt like I didn’t have enough of it!  I believe the same applies for the rest comic fans as well.  Overall, these events seem a nice way to find and see various stuff and of course meet people who can actually inspire you! This meeting with Matteo Scalera actually inspired me to test my skills in sketching Marvel heroes! (You can see the outcome of it in my previous post) I gained a lot of experience by going there, and I actually learnt some things from all the people who were invited. I highly recommend that you should attend such events, if you have both the interest and time! It’s always a good thing to see people talking about their passion and their experiences with you; it just makes you want to try to improve yourself in everyway possible!

I’m already waiting for the next Comicdom Con!