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Tango Rojo

10 Mar

…tan cerca pero tan lejos…


Acrylic in Canvas! Everything was in a mess after I finished but it was totally worth it.

Mission: Soonly Availiable

27 Feb

I just returned from Thessaloniki today and, although I should have posted this since Saturay, I didn’t have the time 😀

These are the first copies of Black Rose 🙂 I piled them up as soon as I got them. Now the only thing I have to do is to see how I can make them availiable through Amazon!

It will take some time but I’ll try to complete this task the soonest possible! Thank you for supporting me,  fellow bloggers, friends and random people who found themselves in my blog by chance!

I have already given out the first 4 copies to some friends of mine and I hope that people out of my circle will be interested too.


Next to them there is a painting of the Little Prince I did a long time ago.  It’s a perfect match with the books! Everything is all black and purple! 🙂